The future development of the Gosport Shed

As we get going after the Covid disruption to our activities now is a good time to make plans and decide the future development of the Shed.

Currently we have a wide range of on-site activities and groups plus several off-site activities and visits, etc. It is felt that currently the Shed facilities are underutilised during the afternoons and some mornings.

To build on our current situation and focus the Shed’s future investment in time, effort and money, the committee wish to ascertain the members’ ideas to make more use of the current facilities in the quieter periods plus any suggestions for the enhancement of the current activities and facilities.

In addition, we would like to know the members’ ideas regarding future developments of the Shed, it’s activities and facilities. These could be completely new activities or new facilities.

The committee cannot guarantee that all the ideas will be possible or be practical, especially considering the matter of the lease not being concluded, but without knowing what is in the members’ minds it is difficult to plan to meet the members’ expectations.


Therefore, the committee would ask you to complete the questionnaire and hand it in at the office or email it to [email protected] 

Please return your replies by Friday 29th April.                     

We really want to know your views – thanks in advance for spending the time to answer these questions.

To download questionnaire click on either the WORD document or PDF document icon.